Can love happen twice?

Hello Everyone. One bud is trying to bloom here.

Can love happen twice?🤔

If you think I have much experience in this subject, then It would be your wrong intention. I’m 23 years old now. I have never experienced these things in my 22 years of life. Then why would I want to answer this question?

Perhaps, that’s why I want to give answer for this quetion.

You have seen some people in your life who are very nice to you. They share their time with you. Daily life start with Good Morning and Good night. That person filled your emptiness. In that situation you are thought that guy was your permanent. You think it’s love. Then it was wrong.

Some person give Somany surprise gifts, Pay your bills and need you to spend time with him/her. And he/She come with you park, malls or somewhere in weekend. These all make you to fall for him/her. You think it’s love. Then it was your imagination.

Someone doesn’t give fast reply. He/ She doesn’t speak so much time. He/She never share their things. He/ She doesn’t spend their time in park, malls .And those people never send any surprise gift. You think it’s not love. Then it was your false hope.

You hear about some set of rules and feelings about love from your friends, Television and social media. You experience same thing in your life. Like at first meet some feelings happened for someone exactly how your friend and social media express it. You think it’s love. Then it was your hallucination.

Someone fall in love with him/ her. Because He/ She proposed or continuously followed him/her for love and make them too special. Because of this reason someone experience love. Then it was not love and it’s not a give and take policy.

One bud is trying to bloom here..

Then what is love? When it’s happen?

If you think, I will give a correct answer to this question, then it will be your misconception. Love is indefinable. It doesn’t have any set of rules. You only have to feel whether it’s love or not.

If I give any wrong statement, please correct me.

Thank you !

Sunday Notes

Today my mind says one thing continuously. ” You need to pay for this”

Everyone in their life make some some small mistakes unknowingly. That’s why it’s called misstake.What you call someone made mistakes for their ignorance? This was I did today.

Today I make a mistakes in calculation. It was not a big calculation. Just addition but need to calculate more numbers. Actually that details were in Excel sheet. I didn’t familiar with Excel. So, I didn’t aware that the calculation is easily done in Excel. I didn’t ask anyone for help. I add everything in calculator. I sum up everything in calculator and got one value. Before I note that value, it disappeared. I jus knew the first three digits. I give my assumption value because I was too lazy to calculate again that values. I put that assumption value in my document and submitted to my representative. And I had a confidence that I was doing correct. I didn’t ask anyone what they’re doing and how they work.

The next day I got message. My Ma’am send one image in group and it had one caption. “Who all are involved in this project”. I just open the image that was my document. I replied to Ma’am. Then she conduct a Google meet. And ask me that how you got this value. I said to her that I did manually.

She asked me, ” why didn’t you use Excel”.

I replied that I didn’t know how to calculate in Excel. “Then, you should ask your colleagues “, she replied. I didn’t have any answer to response her questions. That she loses her trust on me. It was my mistake and it’s all happened for my ignorance. I was little bit hesitate to ask Sorry.. How could I ask? Even, if I apologize to her, will my mistake change? I thought about continuously whether I apologize to her or not?

After that I send one apologize message to her.. It made her even angrier on me. Because, this was the second time , I was apologized to her. I was totally disappointed. I decided to leave my job. Because, I know that once the trust will be broken, it will never be the same again.

Then, I realised that it was not a solution. You have to regain that trust.So, I left my decision. Now, I do something to regain her trust. I don’t know how I’m going to do. But I will. I learn a lesson from that. If you don’t know something, you will ask someone and try to discuss with others how and what others do.

Happy Sunday!


Today marks the 75th Independence Day of India, which declared independence from British colonial rule. In this day, we remember our ancestors and revered freedom fighters who sacrifices their life for our freedom. Long years ago, At the midnight hour when the whole world sleep, India awake for life and freedom from British. We got freedom on August 15, 1947 at fortnight, ending an almost 200 years of British rule.

We got independence from the British. When are we going to get freedom from our self?

It has been 75 years since independence. Yet we didn’t know the true meaning and value of the freedom. Still , some people consider this day as a holiday. Freedom is not in a word. It lies in action. Today, Somany people have fear about society and to do something in different. Especially Women. Somany women’s life decided by their family and society. Her wishes, her dressing sense, her future plan everything decided by her family and their circumstances. Even, they didn’t have a rights to select her spouse also. Is this independent?

Somany girls in our country didn’t have a rights to dream big. Even some people have fear to share their dreams with others. Everyone in our country live their life with some set of rules. Are there any rules for dreaming? Is this freedom?

Once, Mahatma Gandhi said that “Educate one man, you educate one person, but educate a women and you educate a whole civilization.” But, What Somany people are do today?. They just Educate women for getting better groom for her. Perhaps, Did they misunderstood the meaning of “Educate women”? What could be the cause of ignorance?

Do we consider this as a freedom?
In our country after a Man grows up, all those family responsibilities are placed on his head. Is it the rule of our country that only men to be accept all family responsibilities? Isn't it? Who set this rules and regulations? Why we follow these? When can we know that freedom is equal and responsibilities are equal for both men and women?

Everyone follow these kind of rules only for society. The fear of what others will say if we do different. Who is society? Yes.. we. We are ourselves. Then why are we afraid of each other?

Once, the Poet Charles Evans hughes said that ” When we lose the right to be different, We lose the privilege to be free”. What good is a web site if it simply “blends in” with everything else out there? Is this independent?

The true INDEPENDENCE Comes when we let out of fear. The true Nation build when we all give the equal supports. Here, No men..No Women.. Only Human.. Everyone give equal contribution to everything. The big changes are start with a small steps. You is not singular..First you develop yourself..Then your family. Then your circumstances. Then your village. Then your State. Then your Country. I want to celebrate this day as a developed country citizen.


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